Carver and Shelly Colored Flat Photo Contest Sundance Vacations

A look at what Carver and Shelly can look like colored in.

You Could Win a Video Drone!

with the Sundance Vacations Photo Contest!

Have you heard of Flat Stanley? He’s the guy who was squished by a bulletin board, but makes the best of his 2-D, flattened self!  Based on the children’s book written in the 1960’s, Flat Stanley is being used as a fun way to teach children about writing, geography and differences in cultures.  To read more about the Flat Stanley Movement, head to their site here: “Flat Stanley”

How does this relate to you and your vacations?  Simple! It’s a great way for you to win awesome prizes, just for sending us your vacation photos featuring Sundance Vacations’ version of Flat Stanley.  Sundance Vacations would love to introduce you to Stanley’s cousins; Carver and

Our travelers will be able to print the two out and either color them or let their children and grandchildren get involved by coloring them in.  We have three different themed versions of Carver and Shelly, check below for the one you want, click on it and print it out!  You can do it at home or when you get to your destination.

Then comes the fun part!  Take them on vacation with you and snap a photo of your and their adventures.  Then post those photos to our Corporate Facebook Page ( with a little blurb about their adventure and your vacation!

The photo entries we receive will be placed into an album on our Facebook page each month and you can tag yourself or your family as well as comment on your vacation.  A winner will be chosen at random each month.  Show off your creative side, make them as fun as can be and you will certainly have a better chance at being selected!  You can see some examples below, don’t be afraid to have a little fun! What can you do with a drone?

The selected winner will receive a brand-new Protocol – Dronium One RC Drone – Orange/Black, valued at $99) that they can use to record video and take photographs of future adventures!  Maybe Carver and Shelly can come along on those trips too! Drones are super cool video and photo cameras that are remote controlled and give you an amazing view of the places you’ll visit!  Read more about these awesome drones on our Sundance Vacations Blog to see how you should pack one or where you could fly it on your next vacation.

With something that’s so easy to do and such a great prize to win the only question is, what are you waiting for?

Print, Color, Photograph, Post and you could win.  It’s just that easy!  The best part is, you get to have fun while doing it!

Official Rules:

Photo Contest is open to Sundance Vacations Travelers and the general public. Employees and their families are not eligible to win.  Photo entries must contain the Sundance Vacations Flat Carver and Shelly picture, other than that, what’s in the photo is up to you!  Photo entries must be submitted via Facebook to our Corporate Sundance Vacations page (found here: in the form of a “wall post.” The contest will run in cycles of months, any entries received in the month will be uploaded to an album on our Facebook page and a winner will be selected at random to win the prize.  Enter as many times as you wish, no limit on entries.

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