Jody Miller, son of Sundance Vacations’ Associate Vice President of Marketing, Denise Miller, completed his first race of the season at the Pine Mountain HillClimb in Pineville, Kentucky in his signature Sundance Vacations sponsored car. The 2024 Pine Mountain Hillclimb was held at Pine Mountain State Park from Friday, April 19th to Sunday, April 21st. The event has been a staple of the Appalachian Hillclimb Series and East Tennessee Region SCCA since 2021 and continues to gain popularity every year. This year’s fun included live music, food, games, and of course, races!

Ray Kochin and Jody Miller took first and second place in their class with the 2010 Honda Civic, crossing the finish line with times of 1:52 and 1:55, respectively. The two-mile, 10-turn Pine Mountain HillClimb layout features an elevation gain of 650 feet—an incredible height! When discussing his experience, Miller said, “I want to thank Sundance Vacations for the sponsorship and helping us make this possible. Sundance has been a massive help for a few years now and I can’t thank them enough.” Congratulations to Jody and Ray on this outstanding feat!

Previously, Jody Miller participated in the Flag Rock Hillclimb in Norton, VA, and the Giants Despair Hillclimb in Laurel Run, PA, among others. We’re looking forward to seeing more races from #003 in the coming months!

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Jody Miller and Ray Kochin Speed to the Top in Sundance Vacations Sponsored Car
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Jody Miller and Ray Kochin Speed to the Top in Sundance Vacations Sponsored Car
Jody Miller and Ray Kochin achieved top times driving Sundance Vacations sponsored car in the Pine Mountain HillClimb in Pineville, Kentucky.
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Sundance Vacations
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