Everyone at Sundance Vacations Parsippany, NJ office knows that a great team is only as good as its head coach.

That same philosophy holds true when it comes to the sales directors at each of the seven sales offices operated by Sundance Vacations, including its corporate headquarters in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The other Sundance Vacations sales offices are located in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and King of Prussia in Pennsylvania, Parsippany, New Jersey and Washington, D.C.

As a case in point, Kyle Homer, director of sales at the Parsippany, NJ office, fully believes “you’re only as strong as your team.” 

Kyle Homer has a special philosophy when it comes to the clients who attend the multi-media presentation and discussion of travel services offered by Sundance Vacations. “I always stress that we never pre-judge our clients. All of our potential customers are to be treated with respect. As sales people, we treat the clients in the same way we’d like to be treated and we give them 150 percent of our attention,” Milillo stressed.

As part of our mission, each office participates in events to raise money for charitable organizations through Sundance Vacations Charities.

“We participate in a New Jersey golf tournament every year and the proceeds benefit a foundation for helping those with down syndrome. We also conduct charitable events to raise money for Habitat for Humanity and St. Joseph’s, among others,” Kyle Homer and George Stevens offered.

Sundance Vacations Parsippany, New Jersey office employees also volunteer their time outside of company hours to help make a difference in their community. Some employees helped America’s Grow-A-Row by gleaning apples from Riamede Farm. They’ve also sponsored teams for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Great Strides Walk.

The majority of the client base at the Sundance Vacations Parsippany office hails from New Jersey and New York (primarily the Bronx and Brooklyn), according the Kyle Homer and George Stevens. They said the sales team usually addresses 200 to 225 clients per week, which is Tuesday through Friday from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. Sundance Vacations was recently named to the Best Places to Work list in NJ for 2015!

As for the closing percentage numbers, Homer said “There’s always room for improvement and that’s paramount in our way of thinking.” To capitalize on the improvement aspect, he said sales’ training sessions are held every Thursday. “The training is a key component in helping us to increase our numbers.”

Like all of the presentations at the Sundance Vacations sales’ locations, clients are offered coffee, tea, and water to make them feel at home. 

Do the Sundance Vacations’ promotions change?

Of course, the main draw for clients is the complimentary promotion which may change throughout the year. People would call in to inquire about the Sundance Vacations Free Cruise. We would inform them that the cruise isn’t free, they would be responsible for port charges and taxes which we don’t collect,  the government collects those. We pay for the air and cruise thickets so it’s still a substantial savings vs. booking it on their own.

Our promotional trip is always changing, but you can view the trip details here: Sundance Vacations Promotional Trip.

To learn more, visit the Sundance Vacations YouTube Channel or watch the video now.

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Kyle Homer and George Stevens noted that each of his sales representatives “pitch a little differently and they’re all successful in their own way.”

In closing, he reiterated that “the client always comes first.”

The Sundance Vacations Parsippany office is located at Route 959 U.S. Highway East (Suite 103) in New Jersey or 959 Rte 46, Parsippany, NJ 07054 if you are using a GPS.

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