Snap a screenshot of a Pokemon you caught on vacation and you could win a fun Pokemon prize from Sundance Vacations!

By now, you’ve surely heard about the Pokemon Go craze sweeping the nation.


Did you catch a Squirtle while visiting any of our historical stops like Williamsburg, VA?

It’s the fun new game for smartphones that allows players to travel around the real world and collect virtual Pokemon — which means Pocket Monsters — along the way. The idea is to collect them all by capturing, training and evolving them as you quest to find them all.

When a Pokemon trainer comes across a wild Pokemon, they can toss Pokeballs at it in order to try and capture the virtual monsters.  The game automatically keeps track of where you which ones you have captured too.  Trainers can also battle with other players, compare which Pokemon they’ve caught and more!


Sundance Vacations thought it would be fun to have a little contest using the new viral game that will allow Pokemon fans to win some pretty cool Pokemon prizes.

It’s super simple too!  Just snap a screen shot of a Pokemon you encountered or captured while on vacation and post it to either our Facebook or Twitter page.  Tag us and use the hashtag #SundanceGo in the post and let us know where you caught it!  Check out the examples below for you to get the idea of what we are looking for!

**Official Rules of the Sundance Vacations Pokemon Go on Vacation Contest**

Download the Pokemon Go App for your smartphone (the Android version can be found here: “Pokemon Go on the Google Play Store” and the iPhone version can be found here: “Pokemon Go on iTunes“) and play the game.  While on vacation, snap a screenshot of one, or even a few, of the Pokemon that you encounter or capture.  Head over to either Twitter ( or Facebook ( and let us know what you found by tweeting the picture to us with the hashtag #SundanceGo or posting the photo to our Facebook page, tag us and include the hashtag #SundanceGo in the post.  Feel free to tell us where you were on vacation too!  The contest will run until Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.  Sundance Vacations will select five (5) random winners who will win a Pokemon prize which will be sent to them!  Enter as many times as you like during the time of the contest, creativity will certainly help your entry stick out!  Contest is open to everyone, Sundance Vacations’ traveler or not.  Good luck, have fun and remember to be safe and aware of your surrounding at all times while playing the game.