Skiing on a Budget?  No Problem!

Taking a trip doesn’t always have to be expensive and furthermore, just because it isn’t expensive doesn’t mean that it will be diminished in any way.  A cover story for the Vail Trail Weekly recently caught my eye.  The article entitled, “Flashy vs. Frugal” compares the prices of vacationing in the Vail area of Colorado and makes a big case for a product like what we offer here at Sundance Vacations.

Check out this recent comparison between a no limits trip and a budget trip to Colorado for skiing, it certainly will put into perspective why anyone would have to save money to go on a vacation.  Luckily, Sundance Vacations offers a number of great destinations at affordable prices.  This means the hardest decision you will need to make is where you want to go.  Read the full article on our blog here ———->”Flashy vs Frugal Ski Vacations? How About Affordable Instead?”

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