Some of our customers have questions about a document found on the web published by the State of New Jersey as required.  This official paper documents the close of an inquiry by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.

What does this document mean?

The mission of the consumer affairs division is to investigate consumer complaints and enforce various laws including do not call regulations. We completely cooperated with a several year investigation of our marketing, sales and business practices.  Over the course of several conversations we were able to give the division a clear understanding of the size and history of the company.  We’ve been servicing the vacation needs of New Jersey travelers for 14 years.  Sundance Vacations provides well paying, professional jobs as an employer in the state.  Our hard-working employees live by our core value to give back to the community by participating in many charity events as volunteers and by supporting local charities with funding.

In May of 2010 we came to a satisfactory conclusion of the division’s inquiry.  The document that can be found on the state of New Jersey’s website is a summary of their findings.  Sundance Vacations was not charged with any violations.  No fines were levied.  The document was released to public as all state documents are as a result of the Freedom of Information Act and serves as information about the validity of the inquiry.

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs protects the business environment for reputable businesses to operate in New Jersey.  An active agency is a benefit to consumers and businesses alike.

The document can be downloaded in full at this address:

If there are any questions, concerns or issues please contact Sundance Vacations customer service department at 1-888-257-8400.

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