Wilkes-Barre, PA (November 25, 2009) Sundance Vacations recently attended the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau’s annual meeting in combination with a Business to Business Expo event.

On Wednesday Nov 4th, over 77 local and nationwide businesses across the state of Wisconsin showcased their services and products in a trade show held by the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau. Everything from free massages to a gourmet chef cooking samples was made available for all attendees.
Center Director for the Sundance Vacations Brookfield sales office, Sean Agnew, got to dive into his new surroundings by essentially promoting the Sundance Vacations wholesale vacation product. “No matter what displays or giveaways were available the most exciting thing talked about throughout the event was the inexpensive vacation product that Sundance Vacations offers,” explained Agnew. Agnew encouraged attendees to make an appointment and come in to the Sundance Vacations Brookfield sales office.
Mr. Agnew also had the opportunity to meet some of the previous Wisconsin Better Business Torch award winners to get advice on how they won the prestigious award. “Don’t be surprised if the Brookfield office is representing Sundance Vacations as a Torch award nominee in the near future,” said Agnew. “It was a great community event and we are always grateful to participate with the Better Business Bureau when given the opportunity. Thanks to Kristal Kowalski, Carole Milos, and Laurie Siskiewitz-Mentzer of the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau for their graciousness and hospitality,” added Agnew.
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