Sundance Vacations’ General Manger Speaks at Florida Summit

The General Manager of Sundance Vacations, Denise Miller, recently had the chance to speak at an event in Florida Summit called the “The Future Call Center Summit.” The event was held at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Miller spoke on building the next generation of leaders and focused on development, growth and career paths of high potential leaders. Lisa Miller also came along who manages Sundance Vacations’ Shamokin office. Miller has traveled the career path with Sundance Vacations and therefore this talk was particularly important to her since she would like to see how so many others take a similar path.

The ability for our employees to be able to speak at these sort of events is crucial to us building our business.  It also shows how knowledgeable and well-versed we are in the industry.  We are always happy to help other businesses get off the ground and we love the chance for them to pick our brains.  It allows us the chance to teach and more importantly learn from what others have to say.  These are the types of things that will keep us as an industry leader in the travel realm.

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