Despite Recession and Closing Competitors, Sundance Vacations Sees Revenue, Space and Employees Increase

Wilkes-Barre, PA – November 11, 2009 — Sundance Vacations, a destination-based wholesale travel program, has recently been named the fastest growing travel company in Pennsylvania. The company experienced growth in revenue, physical space, and number of employees over the last year. Sundance exceeded last year’s sales goal of $60M by $9M, and is having the best sales year in the company’s history in 2009, experiencing an average annual growth rate of over 26%. The company’s new headquarters and an additional sales office were opened in 2008, and the number of the company’s employees has grown to over 600, despite the economic downturn.
While the United States is in a confirmed recession and many travel companies are closing their doors, Sundance is poised to fill the need for economical travel options. With discount airlines now snatching up 30% of the travel market, Sundance President John Dowd sees a similar trend for accommodations. Dowd says of gaining new customers, they “didn’t feel as though they needed it because their financial position was solid.” With the recession now waning people’s wallets, Dowd says, “…those same hard working customers are more drawn to a product that will help them save money.”
Several of Sundance’s competitors have closed during the economic downturn, including a number of offices from one of their largest competitors, which once operated in many of the same markets. The wholesale travel company has thrived despite these economic challenges, and despite a rash of Sundance Vacations ripoff claims. Potential travel savers should be aware that these Sundance Vacations ripoff reports are being filed by consumers who have not used Sundance travel services, rather from those who may have attended their sales presentation and decided not to utilize the discount program for one reason or another. Many companies are criticized as they grow, however in an industry downturn, only those credible, reliable companies that offer a truly valuable product will prevail. If there were any ripoff, the company would not be experiencing such immense growth and success. Those who are skeptical of a Sundance Vacations ripoff are invited to attend a sales presentation to learn about the destination-based savings of Sundance Vacations.

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