Sundance Vacations, a wholesale vacations company with offices in Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Chicago, New Jersey, Northeastern PA, and beyond, firmly believes that healthy workers prove to be more productive workers.

With that in mind, Sundance Vacations has launched its most recent project that promotes the “healthy body-healthy mind” theory, which ultimately leads to more enthusiastic and more productive employees. The effects are two-fold since it benefits the company, as well as the overall health of employees in the long run.

The latest Sundance endeavor is aptly named “Sole Survivor,” which is a company-wide SPIFF (Special Performance Incentive For Fun) that encourages employees to engage in a healthy activity and, at the same time, have a chance to win myriad prizes.

Breaking it down, “Sole Survivor” basically calls upon participating employees to walk more. That’s right, it all boils down to taking more steps on a daily basis. Of course, each step will be counted and this will be accomplished by wearing a FitBit Zip. The FitBit Zip is an apparatus you can wear on your belt, carry in your pocket or clip it on your shirt.

The Zip will track the number of steps you take, the distance you cover, the number of calories you burn and the time of day. The Zip automatically synchronizes your data to your personal computer, Smartphone or tablet for real-time statistics twenty-four hours a day.

FitBit Zips are available to all employees who agree to participate in the “Sole Survivor” walking program and complete a minimum of 200,000 steps in the first month. The retail cost of a Zip is $59, but Sundance is providing free Zips to employees who sign up for the contest.

“The average sedentary office worker walks an average of 5,900 steps per day. Our goal is to increase that activity to 10,000 steps per day,” said Tina Dowd, co-founder of Sundance Vacations. “FitBit reporting will calculate our total steps as a company and provide a ranking of the top employees who will reap the rewards in the form of interesting prizes.”

Prizes include T-shirts, gift cards and much more.

However, participating employees will, no doubt, be vying for the ultimate prize. Seven, two-person teams will travel as finalists to Hilton Head, South Carolina, in November for a three-night stay. The top prize also will include paid time off, airfare, accommodations, meals and several guided walks (which is appropriate since that’s what the contest is all about).

To be eligible for the free FitBit Zip and to participate for the bigger prizes, employees must:

1) Provide an e-mail in order to receive an invitation to join the Sundance Vacations’ private group.

2) Join the group.

3) Walk a minimum of 200,000 steps.


Although tracks manually adjusted steps and other workouts, manual adjustments will not be counted toward prizes.

“The impetus for the Sole Survivor walking program is similar to that of the smoke-out project we conducted in 2013 and that is to instill and encourage a a healthy mind-set in our employees,” Dowd emphasized. “Wellness programs like these  go a long way in helping our employees to be more productive and, more importantly, to be much healthier.”

The actual starting date for the “Sole Survivor’ contest will be announced in the very near future.

The company-wide SPIFF is open to employees at all Sundance Vacations‘ locations including Wilkes-Barre, King of Prussia, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Parsippany, New Jersey; Washington, D.C., and Downers Grove, Illinois, as well as the marketing offices in Wilkes-Barre, Hazleton, Tamaqua and Shamokin.

So, “step” up to the plate, sign up and get ready to compete in Sundance Vacations’ “Sole Survivor” project.

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