Are you due for a little bit of shopping, pampering with a mini massage, or just having some “me” time? Then stop by the Dauphin County Women’s Expo on March 10, 2018 from 9:00 AM till 2:00 PM!

The Women’s Expo is for women of all ages and is in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Guests are able to unwind, shop, enjoy free spa treatments, watch a fashion show and some demonstrations, and final have that “me” time.

Check out the Dauphin 2018 Sponsor and Exhibitor Listing.  

Get a look at what you can experience at the Women’s Expo:

What can you look forward to at the Women’s Expo?

Beauty • Home • Health & Wellness • Shopping • Fashion • Finance • Technology • Nutrition • 

Exhibitors • Shopping • Demonstrations • Entertainment • Fashion Show • Spa Treatments • Door Prizes


Skip the line, and register to go to the Dauphin County Women’s Expo online for Free: Register

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Visit Sundance Vacations at the 2017 Dauphin County Women's Expo
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Visit Sundance Vacations at the 2017 Dauphin County Women's Expo
Visit Sundance Vacations at the Women's Expo while you unwind, shop, enjoying spa treatments, watch a fashion show & demonstrations, and have that “me” time.
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