Sundance Vacations Carver and Shelly Photo Contest Winner Announced

Carver and Shelly Sundance Vacations Photo Contest Winner March

Kelsey M. won our Carver and Shelly Photo Contest for the month of March with this great action shot! I’m told Carver and Shelly had a blast snow tubing down the mountains all day!

Sundance Vacations is happy to announce the winner of the Carver and Shelly Photo Contest for the month of March!  Kelsey M., who submitted his photos for the contest on March 2, will soon be receiving his GoPro Camera!  Congratulations!

Kelsey, who was enjoying a day of skiing and snow tubing, decided to bring our Carver and Shelly cut outs along with him to enjoy the day!  He snapped a few pictures of himself, along with Carver and Shelly, throughout the day and even captured a photo of them snow tubing down the mountain!

Imagine all of the great videos and photos that Kelsey will now be able to take with his new GoPro Hero 3 Camera!  It shoots in HD, is super portable, waterproof and even has a number of mounts to make filming anything easy!

The Sundance Vacation photo contest, featuring our versions of Flat Stanley, has been running for two months now and is a super fun and easy way to get entered to win a great prize!  Our travelers are encouraged to print out Carver and Shelly, color them in and get creative!  Although the winner is selected at random, the more fun you have while taking the photo, the better!

To learn more about the Sundance Vacations Carver and Shelly Photo Contest, as well as all the other great contests we have, visit our newly-created site that showcases them all.

Prior to Kelsey winning, Valerie N. was selected as our winner for the month of February and received her GoPro Camera just for snapping a photo of her along with Carver and Shelly.

We place all of the photos from our Carver and Shelly Photo Contest into albums on our Facebook page, once there, click photos, then albums and look for the Adventures of Carver and Shelly!  Visit our Facebook page by following this link: “Sundance Vacations Facebook”

Congratulation to both of our winners thus far and we cannot wait to see all the great photos that will be headed our way this vacation season!

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