As you may already know, Sundance Vacations places a heavy emphasis on giving back to the communities around us.  We encourage our employees to get involved with local organizations and charities to volunteer their time, donate money, or help raise awareness for a cause.  Our sales offices across the United States also seek out people and places that can be helped in their areas.

Sundance Vacations Downers Grove Volunteers Time At Feed My Starving Child

Our team volunteered their time at the local Feed My Starving Child packing center in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Over the last few months, our Downers Grove, Illinois office has been busy on the charity front.  Donating both time and helping to raise money for local charities and organizations, our employees in the Midwest have made us proud.

The crew at Downers Grove volunteered time twice, once in January and once in March, at the Feed My Starving Child (FMSC) Charity in Schaumburg, Il.  While there, our employees packed boxes of food that are sent to starving families and children in less fortunate countries.  Some of these countries include: Haiti, Nicaragua, Peru, Sudan, Kenya and the Philippines.

The meals that Feed My Starving Children supplies are nutritious and healthy, yet the organization has been able to keep costs down, allowing for $80 to feed one child for a year.  They also are very happy to report that 99.6% of their meals reach their intended destinations.

Sundance Vacations Downers Grove Volunteers Time At DuPagePads

Our team also helped serve lunch at the DuPagePades Homeless Shelter.

FMSC has also been awarded the Four Star Charity Rating from Charity Navigator for 10 consecutive years.  For more information about FMSC, check out their website:

Our team also helped to serve a lunch at DuPagePads, a local shelter located in Wheaton, Il. dedicated to eliminating homelessness.  The organization offers housing, support services and more to people who need it most.  Also earning the Charity Navigator Four Star Rating, DuPagePads is another one of the many charities that we love to support.  For more information about them, check out their website:

Both of these volunteer efforts benefitted great charities and also served as a learning and team-building experience for our employees.  Working together to achieve a common goal and assisting people that need it most are both great ways for a group of people to become closer and grow as a group.  Again, Sundance Vacations is beyond proud of the work that our employees do within their communities, great job!

Our Downers Grove office was also able to raise nearly $3,500 for three separate events benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation, DuPagePads and Queen of the Rosary.  The team was also able to provide a honeymoon vacation for a couple through Project Pay It Forward: the Wishes and Heroes program.

Keep in mind, these amazing charitable accomplishments took place over the course of just a few months, between January and March of this year.  We are proud of the hard work our employees do to further our business, but we are even more elated by their compassion and ability to give back to their communities!  With nine months left in 2015, our Downers Grove office is sure to supply us with more great stories and pictures of them helping out local charities and organizations, so be sure to stay up-to-date by checking out the Downers Grove offices Facebook page: “Sundance Vacations Downers Grove Facebook”

Interested in the other charities that we donate to and work with?  Check out our new charity site located at:

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