Molokai Hawaii - Sundance Vacations Destination Bracket Challenge Champion

Molokai, Hawaii was voted as the Sundance Vacations Destination Bracket Challenge Champion for 2016, winning over 68% of the votes in the final match up.

During the past few weeks college basketball has been at the forefront of most sports fan’s minds.  With brackets and March Madness on the brain, Sundance Vacations thought, why not have a little fun with brackets too!

That’s where the Sundance Vacations Bracket Challenge came into play.

We took 32 of our favorite destinations and broke them down into four categories (beach, family, mountain and tropical destinations) and matched them up against one another.  Everyone was encouraged to vote for their favorites through the first round to the final-four round and on to the finals.  Hundreds of votes later, we arrived at our final matchup between Orlando, Florida (out of the family destination bracket) and Molokai, Hawaii (from the tropical destination bracket).

The final voting matchup, which played out between April 1 and 4, saw Molokai, Hawaii bring home the victory with 68 percent of the fans voting for the island destination.  Thus, making the laid-back Hawaiian island the champion of the 2016 Sundance Vacations Bracket Challenge!

We selected some lucky winners, at random, that helped us in the voting process along the way and they will receive some cool Sundance Vacations prizes.  Those winners are currently being contacted and we will update this post once they have all been confirmed.  If you’d like to look at the bracket in it’s entirety, to see who beat who, you can check out a full-size image of it here: “Sundance Vacations Destinations Bracket

Thanks to everyone who took part in our fun destination showdown and congratulations to Molokai, Hawaii for being selected as the 2016 Champion!

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