Sundance Vacations Stevie Awards – Recognized for Best Use of Technology

Since 2006, Sundance Vacations has received Stevie Awards for everything from hospitality and tourism to sales and customer service.  This year, Sundance Vacations received two Stevie Awards in Best Use of Technology in Customer Service and Innovation in Customer Service categories.

The winners were honored at the awards banquet for the Sales & Customer Service Awards at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Friday, March 4, 2016.

As a finalist alongside industries not only across the United States, but all over the world, Sundance Vacations is honored to have received both a silver and bronze Stevie Award for using technology to improve our traveler’s satisfaction.

Sundance Vacations New Client Services team was honored with a silver Stevie for our use on technology in customer service and our Customer Retention efforts landed us a bronze Stevie Award in Innovation.

The prestigious business awards are distributed across the globe to honor and recognize businesses and working professionals for their achievements, and are coveted by many for the respect they bring.  Sundance Vacations was recognized for its implementation of CallMiner, a new automated software to monitor calls in the office.

CallMiner, a quality assurance monitoring system, allows our travel company the opportunity to listen to call-centered customer interactions and provides Sundance Vacations with important data for improving our traveler’s experiences.

SuAnn Ritter, Sundance Vacations Chief Technology Officer, says she sees everyday how CallMiner affects both our employees and our customers.

“CallMiner has allowed Sundance Vacations to realize our business goal of utilizing technology to make effective business decisions.” Ritter said.  “CallMiner has helped our business improve the relationships we are establishing with our potential clients by improving the customer interactions.”

Sundance Vacations boasts many previous Stevie Awards at their corporate office in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Prior to the launch of this technology, customer interactions were randomly selected for quality assurance monitoring.  Now, with CallMiner, phone conversations are run through the speech recognition software.  Much like the voice control command on an iPhone, spoken words are converted into text which is stored in a searchable database. These keywords can be found in the software much like using Google’s search bar, giving managers more thorough monitoring capabilities.

Gathering more precise data allows Sundance Vacations to better serve the needs of our travelers, according to Joe Molitoris, Sundance Vacations Vice President of Marketing.

“We have found the CallMiner platform to be quite useful in reinforcing proper phrasing,” Molitoris said in regards to how our employees approach calls.

Through the use of CallMiner, Sundance Vacations has discovered that it is indeed not what you say, but how you say.  Rather than beginning a call with a bland recap of what we need from the traveler, we now ask them where they would like to go next, show them what we have available and offer to book their reservation on the spot.

Highlighting our new destinations and focusing on how we can assist customers helps us to get more people traveling and improves their experiences.  Serving our traveler’s needs is at the forefront of our mission, and Sundance Vacations Co-Founder Tina Dowd is thrilled with the improvements CallMiner has brought to how we approach our customer interactions.

“Our ability to innovate is one of our secrets to success,” Dowd said. “The Stevie Awards for Innovation and Best Use of Technology in Customer Service provide well deserved recognition for our front-line teams who are very willing to make both small and big changes every day in an effort to move the customer satisfaction needle in the right direction.”

Sundance Vacations was up against other big named industries in the final rounds of the 2016 Stevie Awards. Other industries honored for Best Use of Technology in Customer Service included Allianz Insurance, Fairhaven Health, HCA IT&S, HomeServe USA, and more. For the category of Innovation in Customer Service, Sundance Vacations was contending with companies such as Albridge, Concentrix, Consumer Priority Services, and others.

For more information on other Stevies received by our travel company, please visit our Sundance Vacations awards on our website.

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