Sundance Vacations Headquarters Implements Employee Recycling

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — The Sundance Vacations corporate office has decided to help their employees go green at work by starting a recycling program!

The office will now be able to recycle plastic, glass, tin, aluminum and office paper starting July 21, 2016.


The Sundance Vacations corporate office has recycling bins all throughout the office now!

After a number of years of having only trash bins in the office, the Sundance Vacations Wilkes-Barre team had come to accept throwing away used drink containers or printed paper as a part of their routine.

That is, until one employee took notice and decided it was time for a change.

Sundance Vacations Digital Marketing Coordinator Jennifer Villa used to take her empty water bottles home to recycle, but not many people would take that extra step when an easier disposal option is there.

Villa did the research to see how much the office could save by recycling. She discovered that the 100-plus company employees are leaving a bigger environmental footprint than any of them probably realized.

“Once I plugged in some numbers I discovered that we had the potential to save 4,200 gallons of recyclables in a year,” Villa said excitedly.  “That’s equivalent to the load capacity of an 18-foot, 40-ton-tanker truck (pictured below). I couldn’t believe how much could be reused.”

Joe Valenti of Waste Reduction, Recycling & Transfer, Inc. tells Sundance Vacations that the company was not alone; many companies do not recycle in Luzerne County because of the extra costs.

“We used to make money off our recycling,” Valenti said.  “Now, we actually have to pay to recycle and thus, our clients have to pay more to recycle. It’s a shame because some companies just find it more economical to throw [recyclables] in the trash.”

After the co-founders of Sundance Vacations, John and Tina Dowd, looked at Villa’s recycling cost-benefit analysis, they came to the conclusion that the cost was definitely worth the end result and approved the new recycling initiative.

“We’re already so eco-friendly here,” Villa said.  “We even have electric car charging stations in the parking lot. We were helping our clients go green on the road and now we’re giving our employees the chance to make a difference. I’m excited to see how much we save.”

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