Recently, Sundance Vacations employee Jessie Suren was featured by Consumer Reports in a story about student debt and how it affects graduate’s everyday lives.

Consumer Reports reached out to Suren, who holds a four-year degree from La Salle University, after discovering her video on YouTube.  That video, shot in 2014, now has over 22,000 views and features the graduate telling her story and showcasing a day in the life of a student that has over $90,000 in student loan debt.

Suren took part in numerous radio broadcasts about the same subject as well as some filming done by Consumer Reports during the late weeks of April and early part of May.  Although Suren graduated in 2010 with a degree in Criminal Justice, she has found a home at Sundance Vacations as a Travel and Sales Consultant in our King of Prussia Sales office.

Check out the article about the effect that student debt has the lives of graduates and the 13-plus-minute video that features her as well.

To read more about how student debt can affect a graduate’s ability to enjoy the things they love to do as well as make ends meet, head over to our Sundance Vacations Travel Blog and read an article featuring Jessie Suren.  The article has an in-dept look at how she was able to travel, even with her large student debt, and tips for how grads can get out from under their loans and get their budget back on track.  To read the full story, click the following link: “Is Student Debt Preventing You From Doing the Things You Love?”

Russ Hryvnak