Sundance Vacations, Six Flags Partnership

Wilkes-Barre, PA (May 5, 2009) Sundance Vacations is proud to announce a 2nd year partnership with Six Flags Great Adventure and Hurricane Harbor in Jackson, New Jersey.


Sundance Vacations signed a second year agreement after a successful year in 2008. The company anticipates a busy season with the amusement park and Hurricane Harbor’s water park. Six Flags main attraction this year is Bizzaro. The surreal coaster is accompanied by fog, fiery flame effects, and heart-pumping audio.


“Sundance Vacations is proud to be a part of the excitement for the second year in a row at Six Flags Great Adventure and Hurricane Harbor. We’re expecting great things from our relationship with the theme park,” said Sundance Vacations Director of Marketing Chip Kilby.

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