Wilkes-Barre, PA. – January 11, 2022 – Sundance Vacations announced the promotion of Upgrade Department Senior Telephone Service Representative, Leslee Arrington, to the position of Evening Shift Working Manager.

Leslee Arrington, Evening Shift Working Manager

In his role as the Evening Shift Working Manager, Arrington is responsible for assistance with payroll, reports for sales representatives, and any issues that may arise during show times. He will also aid in coaching and training for the Upgrade Department representatives and will provide a constant source of motivation to ensure the continuous success of his department.

“Leslee had proven throughout the years that he has what it takes to be a leader. His eagerness to learn and grow will continue to take him to new heights within the company. We’re excited to see him shine,” said Christina Allen, Upgrade Department Manager. “His new position is vital to the expansion of the department; I know he will excel in his new endeavors.” Denise Miller, Associate Vice President of Marketing, added, “Leslee is not afraid to take on any challenge given to him and has been a positive influence in every department he has worked. Leslee’s robust voice and ability to connect with every client is surely a talent not everyone possesses. He has proven himself and deserves this next chapter in his career.”

Arrington joined the Sundance Vacations team in November of 2012 where he started out as an STSR, Senior Telephone Service Representative, a position that would normally require a promotion. He has succeeded in several roles within the company throughout his almost 10-year career, including a QAR, or Quality Service Representative; a position in NCS, or New Client Services; and an STSR for the Upgrade Department—the latter where he remained and fervently worked during the pandemic.

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Sundance Vacations Promotes Leslee Arrington to Working Manager for Upgrade Department
Sundance Vacations announced the promotion of Leslee Arrington, Senior Telephone Service Representative, to the position of Evening Shift Working Manager for the Upgrade Department.
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