GoPro Revolutionizes Traveling

If you’re an avid traveler, you more than likely own, or have at least heard about the new rage: GoPro. Known as the “World’s most Versatile Cameras,” these little devices pack a serious punch despite their size.

GoPro’s HERO4 Black camera captures professional quality video and pictures. Competing with the most popular digital single-lens reflex cameras (DSLRs) and shooting in Ultra HD 4K resolution, the HERO4 produces video with a definition over three times clearer than standard 1080 HDTV.

Our travelers are having a great time with their Hero 3 GoPro cameras on their trips!

Our travelers are having a great time with their Hero 3 GoPro cameras on their trips!

As if this wasn’t cool enough, GoPro also just recently released a camera the size of an ice cube! This super tiny device, known as the HERO4 Session, can still record video in HD. With a built in battery that has up to two hours recording time, this is a handy gadget to stick in your pocket to be ready to capture any moment!

Having manual control over ISO (light sensitivity), color and exposure on their HERO4 or the convenience of their tiny Session, many travelers are choosing these more compact counterparts and ditching their bulky DSLR on vacation.

Who can blame them? GoPros are also waterproof, making underwater adventures and even facing the rain or snow a possibility.  With all the mounting accessories for the device, people are strapping their GoPros to their mountain bikes, heads, and even dogs to get the perfect shot.

Sundance Vacations understands travelers want to capture their vacation no matter what they are doing. From kayaking in Maine to skiing in Vermont, people need a device with the ability to withstand the intensity of their adventures. That’s why Sundance Vacations began giving away GoPros to our travelers!

We thought what better way to engage our travelers than by starting a Sundance Vacations Photo Contest!


Bring Shelly and Carver along!

Our travelers are encouraged to print, cut out and color pictures of our traveling buddies, Carver and Shelly, and take pictures with them on vacation for a chance to win.

At the end of each month, our randomly selected winner will walk away with their own GoPro HERO3!

Amanda T., one of our winners, told Sundance Vacations she is excited to use her new GoPro. She assured us that the camera “will be in action” on her upcoming trip to Jamaica with us!

“On our next trip we plan to take the camera and get some cool stuff with it,” Amanda said.

A lot of our travelers enjoy Jamaica for its beautiful views and luxurious beaches. Read more about this amazing destination on our blog! Sundance Vacations Fly Away: A Traveler’s Review!

Not only will Amanda use her camera to capture her next vacation, but she will also use it to capture moments of her young daughter, Veronica, crawling and taking her first steps.


Veronica and her dad on vacation!

“I think the camera will be a great ‘toy’ for the baby and her daddy,” Amanda told Sundance Vacations. “It’s durable and small – perfect for little baby hands.”

Veronica is not the only child that is growing up with devices like the GoPro, and it’s no wonder technology like this is exploding for vacationers, particularly families.

One of our travelers used his GoPro to showcase his trip to the Delaware Beach area with his family. He hit the waves, went kayaking and fishing, played tennis and more with his camera! Watch his video to start planning shots for your next trip!

Would you love a GoPro to capture your next vacation?

For more information on how you can join in on the fun, visit our Sundance Vacations Photo Contests page!

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