Here at Sundance Vacations we like to make sure that the destinations we provide are what our travelers like.  Our inventory is client-driven, meaning that what ever the places are that our travelers want to go, is where we seek out accommodations for them to stay.  Sometimes when we find a location that we think is going to be great, we offer a chance for our employees to check it out before making it available to the public.  This is the case with the new destination in Orlando, Florida, the Villas at Seven Dwarfs.

Just minutes away from the Disney World property and Universal Studios, this could be an ideal place for a family vacation.  Orlando is a very popular destination all year round and we are happy to add new places for our travelers to stay.

Sundance Vacations employees were interviewed and talked about their experiences at one of our resorts near Orlando Florida: The Villas at Seven Dwarfs. To read more about their visits and for the complete story with photos, please visit the full article at Sundance Vacations blog.

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