Travel is often enhanced by the unique things that we see and experience along the way. Sundance Vacations recognizes that unique hotels are no exception and can often make for a memorable and enjoyable trip. Maybe it’s the architecture that stands out or the charisma of the staff. Maybe there is something truly unconventional about the rooms or amenities offered. If you’re seeking something out of the ordinary for your next stay, consider a hotel staffed entirely by robots or perhaps a library themed accommodation. If either of those isn’t bizarre enough, then maybe a hotel in the shape of a giant beagle or an undersea hotel would do. Intrigued? Well, Sundance Vacations has compiled a list of some of the most bizarre hotels you could imagine. You definitely won’t save as much money at the destinations as you would travelling with us, but every once and while it is fun to go out of the way!

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#1 – Henn-na Hotel, Japan

The first example on the Sundance Vacations list of a truly bizarre hotel is located in Sasebo, Japan. What makes the Henn-na Hotel unusual is evident from the moment guests arrive. The first experience, guests will have is that of being checked-in by a staff of robots. At the front desk, among the robotic staff, is a velociraptor with a bow tie and bellhop hat. Using facial recognition, the robots confirm your stay and get you settled in. From there at the cloakroom, a robotic arm will take your coat for you and even store your luggage. Select rooms at the Henn-na Hotel offer porter service, which is of course handled by robots. In fact, robots make up the entire staff here. The concept of the Henn-na Hotel is to provide excellent service and efficiency through the use of advanced technologies. Henn comes from the Japanese word ‘’to change’’ and exemplifies the hotel’s pledge to continue providing comfort through the application of technology. Located in Huis Ten Bosch, the largest theme park in Japan, hotel guests are surrounded by a ‘’small Europe’’ with museums, restaurants, shops and more.

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#2 – Papaya Playa Project, Mexico

While not staffed by robots, the next hotel recognized by Sundance Vacations also gives a nod to the future, only in a slightly different manner. Located in Tulum, Mexico, the Papaya Playa Project is a fully sustainable resort committed to zero emissions and zero contamination in order to protect biodiversity for generations to come. Their objective is to meet these goals by summer of next year (June 2018). The resort has kept intact 93% of the original jungle habitat it occupies, compared to the average of just 5% for most resorts in the region. Much of the materials are locally sourced and obtained by fair trade practices. In addition to ensuring future generations are able to enjoy this lush jungle along the Yucatan coast, the Papaya Playa Project is also highly focused on the health and wellness of its guests. As part of that initiative, more than 25 fruits and vegetables are organically grown on site and used to provide field to plate meals for guests. The onsite spa provides the opportunity to nourish the mind as well as the body, employing the use of Mayan healing practices with the guidance of a resident shaman. In addition, guests can partake in yoga and Temazcal, an ancient ceremony which gives thanks to Mother Earth while cleansing body, mind, and spirit.

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