Sundance Vacations was overjoyed to be the presenting sponsor for the 31st Annual “Do it For the Kids” Walk-a-Thon fundraiser hosted by The Wyoming Valley Children’s Association. The WVCA Walk-a-Thon was held on April 15th and offered the community plenty of entertainment, including basket raffles, a picnic lunch, local vendors, live DJ music, and much more! Seeing an incredible turnout for the event and the immense support given to local children and their families always puts a smile on our faces.

As stated on the About WVCA page, current programs include: “The Together We Grow Preschool, an infant and toddler daycare program, Early Identification and CATCH Clinics, Early Intervention Under 3 Program, and therapeutic services for speech, occupational, physical, and music therapies. In 2019, WVCA was proud to launch two new Kindergarten classes for children of ALL abilities.”

“WVCA is dedicated to nurturing the development potential of all children. Our staff continually educate and familiarize themselves with the latest educational strategies and therapy techniques. WVCA serves typically developed children, as well as children with various diagnoses and conditions.”

Be sure to check out Sundance Vacations Charities for more information on this event and other charitable endeavors!

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Sundance Vacations Supports WVCA Walk-a-Thon
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Sundance Vacations Supports WVCA Walk-a-Thon
In support of nurturing early childhood development, Sundance Vacations is proud to be the presenting sponsor at the 31st Annual "Do It For the Kids" Walk-a-Thon hosted by The Wyoming Valley Children's Association.
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Sundance Vacations
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