Are Americans Taking Less Vacations?

Have you ever had vacation time left over at the end of the year?  If so you are contributing to a decade long trend that has seen a decline in the number of paid time off (PTO) days that Americans are using per year.

A study done by the United States Travel Association shows that the average American worker is losing roughly $504 dollars per year, totaling out to over $52.4 billion in just 2013 alone.  This decline in vacationing has had a negative impact on the U.S. economy and is causing the workers not taking their PTO to experience more work-related stress.

Read the full story here: ———–>“Are Vacations Becoming a Thing of the Past?”

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Russ Hryvnak

Russ Hryvnak

Social Media Coordinator at Sundance Vacations
Russ Hryvnak is the Social Media Coordinator for Sundance Vacations.He is responsible for producing new and fresh content as well as writing a number of travel articles.
Russ Hryvnak