Crowdfunding Travel

Over on our Travel Blog, we took a look at how the ever-evolving internet could possibly help you pay for that trip you’ve always wanted to take.  Sites like, and more have been helping people raise money to start businesses, help charities, causes and even travel.  In fact, in just 2014, the two websites mentioned helped to raise a combined-total of $914 million.

We explored what people are saying when they want to take a trip and if it works too.  Granted most of the people had some extenuating circumstances that led them to asking online for funds to help them take a trip, but many other also just wanted to take a trip.  A number of people that we came across certainly had success with this and it’s interesting to see the different stories.

With sharing economy on the rise and the use of social media and technology so readily available, you can be sure that this will only become a larger trend.  To read the full story, head over to the Sundance Vacations Travel Blog: “Crowdfunded Vacation: Travel on Someone Else’s Dime”

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Russ Hryvnak