Sundance Vacations Looks at How to Save on the Hotel Minibar

The Death of the Hotel Minibar Sundance Vacations

Check out this info-graphic about the hotel minibar. Look at how much you can save by bringing your own snacks. Click to enlarge!

The Hotel Minibar.

The last hope of the hungry, the thirsty and the people who have a ton of money to waste.  Sundance Vacations takes a look at this outrageously priced snack provider.

No matter how you look at it, the Hotel Minibar is a pain in the wallet.  With some of the most outrageous prices, based on convenience, travelers have been paying the price for snacking for decades.  Recently however, hotels have begun to eliminate the minibar stating that it is a huge loss for them.  In the place of the hotel minibar, chains have began using vending machines or having a small pantry store in their lobbies.  Although these prices are much cheaper than that of the old-school minibar, they are still pretty pricey.  The best way to avoid these crazy prices is to bring your own snacks.  Read the full article on our Travel Blog: “The Death of the Minibar”

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